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Anton Lodge
No 6953 English Constitution
Anton Lodge
No 6953 English Constitution
Anton Lodge
No 6953 EC
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The practice of charitable giving - both masonic and non-masonic is a very important element of Freemasonry.   What sets Freemasonry apart from other charitable fund raising organisations is that all monies raised is from a mason's own pocket. Freemasonry does not raise money by public appeal.

Anton Lodge is very proud of its charitable achievements in support of Masonic charities and in recognition of its efforts has been awarded:
Grand Patron
Royal Masonic Hospital
Royal Masonic Institution for Girls
Royal Masonic Institution for Boys
Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
1985 & 94
Grand Patron
New Masonic Samariton Fund
In addition to raising money in support of Masonic Charities, Freemasons have a long tradition of supporting local charities. Anton Lodge is no exception and in 2019 supported local charities, by donating in excess of £2,500.

These charities included:

Harrow Way Community School
Andover Mind
Andover Young Carers
Andover MENCAP Senior Gateway Club
Royal British Legion - Andover
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